Saturday, February 2, 2013

Link Round Up...

Several websites that I find intriguing...and you might too.

1. Nathan Bransford, Author (former agent turned author...amazing insight into many things writing)
2. Bookends Literary Agency (though they no longer post, this Publishing Dictionary is the best)
3. Preditors & Editors (the best place to find out info on any publisher/editor in the biz)
4. Nice Mommy, Evil Editor (Angela James, Carina Press editor)
5. Savvy Authors
6. Romance University
7. Writer's Digest

The Story Orgy:
1. Hank Edwards
2. Havan Fellows 
3. Lee Brazil 
4. JR Boyd
5. Jade Baiser
6. The Story Orgy

1. Mamba's Lair (Amara Devonte)
2. Dirk & Kam's Place
3. Startled Monkeys Media

What do you think? Do you have any sites that you just have to visit?

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